Getting started - Paired
What is Paired?

Paired is a traveling app that connects travelers and locals nearby. Exploring new places has never been so easy with Paired. Make more friends that match your interests, share knowledge, and explore glamorous destinations together.

Paire is now available on Play Store and Itunes. Get it now!

Paired on Google Play
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Why Paired

Paired is a free traveling app which provides easy step by step features.

Meet new friends

By becoming a member on PAIRED, connecting to local and travellers is as fast as a blink. You now can meet people that share the same adventurous passion like you. Also joining the local activities will definitely boost your traveling energy.So what are you waiting for now? You don’t want to miss all the fun things out here, do you? Let’s join PAIRED now!

Share your passion

It would be a shame if you can not share your passion on your way traveling with people all around the world, especially the people live in the country that you pay a visit to.By sharing topics on PAIRED, people have more opportunities to know more about you, about your traveling experience. Who knows if they have the same passion like you.That would be so amazing.

Earn point for each contribution for the community

By sharing your own experience, creating topics, or simply just connecting to people, you will earn points for your greatest contribution to the community

How it works

There are 2 simple features in Paired: “Explore“ and “Topic“. Within 30 kilometers in distance, you can connect with travelers or locals who share the same interests as you. You can also share your own topics or comments on others.

How can I sign up? I don’t want to use my social profile

After installing and opening Paired, tap “Continue with Facebook” on the first screen. Paired account is totally FREE.

Paired is striving to create a community of real people, therefore we confirm social profile to avoid any unwanted bots or people.

How to edit Profile

You can change your profile at anytime in Profile > Profile

A good profile includes your complete name, DOB, language(s), up to 5 pictures where you are clearly visible (and smiling) and a few interesting facts about yourself like where you come from, your bio, or even your tastes and interests. Your profile is a way to interact with other members of the community/future travelers. A full and complete profile is a great way to build trust.

However, bear in mind that it is not permitted to share any personal websites or links to other accounts you may have.