How to Contribute on Paired - Paired

How to contribute on Paired

By creating topics, sharing your knowledge and pairing with other users nearby, you can earn points as you have just dedicated such a great contribution to the community
Here’s how to make an impact.

Create and Answer topics

If you still do not know how to find someone matching up with your interests, let’s create topics and let people know what you want to do. You can also answer in others’ topics to discuss with people that share the same hobbies and interests as you. Who knows if you can backpack and travel together!

Pair up with people nearby

Pairing up with other people is a must do. It is the shortest way to make friends and altogether explore new places, exchange cultures and languages. Note: You need to be available so that you can see who’s around you. People can not say hi or Paired up with you if you are not online.

Upvote/ Upvoted

You will get upvoted when you share your useful tips or topics.

Report/flag inappropriate content.

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