Pair up - Paired
How to pair up with people around

Choose “explore” on your app, make yourself available by setting your status and tapping “Become Available” button. Make sure you enable Paired permission to get your location so Paired can help you connect with people nearby.

Once you have finished this step, you can see other people around you. If you find someone who share the same interests as you, you can send them messages by tapping “say hi” button on their profile. If they accept your request, you can continue to chat with them.

You will also receive requests from other people. Choose “Connect” tab to see the requests.

Make yourself invisible

On the left top corner from the screen “explore”, swipe the toggle left to be invisible.  You can continue to chat with people whom you already paired up with.

However, remember that when you do so, other people won’t see your profile in their feed and you can’t use “Topic” tab either.

I want to edit my status

To change your status, go to the “Explore”, on the left top corner, swipe the toggle left. Then you can type your status and tap “Become available” to pair up with other people.

What are message requests?

When you see a message request on “Connect”, which means somebody is asking you to pair up with them. It will also happen to people whom you say hi to.

You can choose to accept or decline the requests.

How to block someone on Paired
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