Points, Levels and Badges - Paired

Each time you contribute, you earn points. Those points help you reach higher levels of the Paired program.

Actions Points earned
Sign up and complete profile 15 points
Create a topic 2 points per topic
Comment on topics 1 point per comment
Comment with more than 5 upvotes 5 more bonus pts
Be upvoted 1 point per upvote
Have a Paired 3 points per Paired
Report/flag inappropriate content Coming soon

Reach higher levels as you earn points for your contribution.

Level Point Title Icon
1 0 New Villager
2 20 Common Villager
3 70 Active citizen
4 200 Appointed Officer
5 500 Deputy Chief
6 1500 Mayor

The table below shows more details on how to achieve badges. Besides level, we also have badges. For each different activities, you will gain different badges.


You will get upvoted when you share your useful tips or topics. You can also upvote for another people on their topics too!


Creating topics and sharing with the others your traveling experience. You can also comment on other topics to get points and badge.


The more people you Paired up, the more fun you get on the way. Connecting to people that you like and share those upcoming unforgettable trips


It would be a shame if you first visit a new place but you do not check in and show up. Check in helps you get access easily to people around you.

Where to see my point, level and badge for details

To see your contribution on Paired, choose “Profile” from the main menu on the bottom of the screen, then choose “My contribution”.

You can see your badges of level, titles, achievements and what you have contributed to the community.