Saigon art places where cultural stories are told

Saigon art places – where cultural stories are told

Travelers dig Saigon for its shopping, nightlife, architecture and coffee culture. However, there’s another side of the city that runs deep to the soul – its rich combination of fine and contemporary work of arts, which usually doesn’t make it to the top lists of “things-to-do in Vietnam”. But Saigon art places would definitely delight any art lover.

Saigon art places for refined works

Classic Arts at Ho Chi Minh Fine Arts Museum, District 1

saigon art places, art museum saigon ho chi minh
Ho Chi Minh Fine Arts Museum

Get a nice overview of Vietnamese art during the 19th and 20th century inside this old French era complex. It only costs $0.5 to get into this impressive architecture with stained-glass windows, antique lifts, and fabulously painted walls. So, head on to 97 Pho Duc Chinh, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, District 1, which is only a 5-minute walk from the famous Ben Thanh Market, to enjoy some classic arts in Saigon.

Authentic Art Pieces at Đong Khoi Street, District 1

saigon art places, gallery on dong khoi street
An art gallery on Đong Khoi Street
saigon art places, quynh galerie
Quynh Galeries on Đong Khoi Street

Along with tailor shops, coffee shops and restaurants that line this touristy street of Đong Khoi, authentic and original art pieces including paintings and sculptures can be found tempting any art connoisseur to bargain for a good deal. Not far from the Notre-Dame Cathedral, Đong Khoi street, District 1 stretches out with over a dozen of unique art galleries for you to visit.

The Painting Street of Tran Phu, District 5

Looking to take home a piece of Saigon’s art culture? Then head to the painting street of Tran Phu, where locals get their wall decorations. Find cheap reproductions of famous pieces as well as original local oil paintings, needle paintings, lacquer paintings, silk paintings, woodcuts, watercolor paintings, ink wash painting, powder paintings, pastel paintings, gouache paintings, and Vietnamese calligraphy. But the best part is that unlike in art boutiques where prices are fixed, you can actually bargain and get a bunch of arts for much less.

The rework of famous paintings and original pieces by the locals

Saigon art places for modern pieces

Art Station 3A, Ton Duc Thang, District 1

3A station arts
An amazing art piece at the 3A station

A vibrant yet peaceful contemporary arts alley is tucked hidden from Saigon’s noisy central district.  Graffiti Station in 3A Ton Duc Thang Street, District 1 is a hub for Saigon’s artists, creative minds and young architects. Find there  impressive graffiti, contemporary crafts, buildings with colorful strokes, cozy coffee shops – a scene you usually find only in Western suburbs. This arts haven, which was restored in 2014 from an old French-era building, continues to magnetize the creative millennials of Saigon.

The 3A station is currently not available to the public. But the city has plans to make it into an underground complex that will surely be more awesome than it already is.

3A station saigon art

An alley of arts and coffee shops

Contemporary Hub of Saigon Outcast, District 2

If you want to experience more than just buying your paintings, come to Saigon Outcast. Here, a variety of events and activities are available such as wall climbing, skateboarding, film showings and weekend fairs to entertain expats and locals. Get out of the touristy District 1 and head to 188 Nguyen Van Huong in Thao Dien, District 2. But make sure to confirm the opening schedule, which usually falls on a Tuesday.

Saigon Outcast
There are more than just arts here.
Saigon Outcast
It’s also a place for hanging out with friends, shopping, or just chilling.

Most tourists come to Vietnam and visit popular tourists attractions. But for those with great interests in art, the places in this blog will surely satisfy you. Even if you are not an art connoisseur, heading to these arts-inspired spots will definitely be worthy of your time.